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Friday, June 29, 2007


Okay, as a sort of rough update... I sat in line all day with the folks from the office. As a company perk, they bought iPhones for everybody.

Yes, that actually is as super-cool as it sounds.

I had my Macbook there, but couldn't get wireless access while waiting in line. Instead, I kept a timed log of the day's events. I'll edit that and post it tomorrow probably--but I warn you... deadly boring. That's what that is. Have you ever waited in line for something for a long time? You know that stage you reach, especially if it's hot, where your head is tilted back just slightly on the top of your spine and your mouth is hanging open like a trout? Well imagine how entertaining the text-only version of that moment is.

Meantime, here's another pic of the phone. This time, lit up. Just to prove it can be done.

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