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Friday, July 06, 2007

Movie Review

I have often said* that if a movie review (or an album or a book review, for that matter) can't be done in 3 words or less, it shouldn't be done at all. Bearing that in mind, here is my review of the TRANSFORMERS movie, which I just saw today:


It didn't occur to me to use my phone to take a picture of everybody. I'll have to remember that next time. But it probably won't be as cool, because no one will be wearing their TRANSFORMERS shirts.

*I have never said this. Not even once.

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At 2:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did you like it?


At 7:09 PM, Blogger caparoon said...

Yes and no. The robot battle scenes were pretty cool, and the plot was surprisingly good for a movie that's over 2 solid hours of big dangerous robots.

I didn't appreciate the amount of time spent on exploring the inexplicably well-developed physique of the supposedly high-school aged female lead, or the constant "close but no cigar" variety profanity. On one hand, I really appreciate how hard they obviously worked to bring it in under the PG-13 line. But on the other hand, it's ludicrous that they needed to try so hard.

I wouldn't have gone on my own--but then I never do for any movie, so that's not saying much. But I did have a really good time going & hanging out with people.

A very mixed review, I know. Remember when it was just,"BIG, DANGEROUS ROBOTS."? Don't you wish it still were? ;-)

I think you'd like it. Pretty good overall.

At 9:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh I loved it. I didn't expect much though. A movie based on a cartoon that was based on toys...yeah not much there.

I too found the physique thing unneccesary or the girl at all. Annoying. Go away. Transformers are not for girls. They should have put a sign outside the theater in crayon that said, "No Girls Allowed!"

It could have used more robot fighting. But overall - it was a mind numbing experience...which I gladly welcomed. I am saving up my thinking for "Bourne Ultimatum" on Aug 3. But I won't see it then because we have a dollar theater here and it will be there around September 3...so I'll see it then...and think then.

The coolest thing was they got the original Optimus Prime voice guy. That was a true test for me. I was like a little geek bouncing in my chair when his voice came on. Really...I bounced.

I give the movie a B+.


At 6:13 AM, Blogger caparoon said...

Yes! "Mind numbing"
Good description. I told Matt it was like being held down by a giant hand for two hours. By the time we all go out of there we couldn't form coherent sentences. : ]]

"Transformers ...goood.. Noisy!"


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