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Monday, January 23, 2006

I bought a combed wool jacket

I bought it at Old Navy, for $11.50.

It was on clearance, and they were having a "half-off the clearance price" sale, and I had a gift card for $10.

So it only cost me $11.50. Which is pretty dang cool.

I've got a meeting in a half-hour, and I'm not at all in the right place mentally. Pick up the pace, Klinger!

Yesterday marked three solid weeks of me being caffeine-free. (not that if you drink me, I don't have caffeine content--but that I haven't ingested any caffeinated beverages. or even excedrin.)

They say it takes up to 3 weeks for it to leave your system. And I think it just did.

I have a ton of interesting things to say, but neither time nor energy with which to say them. Don't worry, I'll dredge them up soon.

Thanks for playin', everybody!


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