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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Really, you're too kind...

Some nice words about my new guitar from the industry folks:

Archtop guitars are boundless in time and tradition. There's just something about the classic look and that electric-acoustic sound that has appealed to all genres of musicians from country and rock to rockabilly and jazz. Yamaha crafts some of the finest archtops in the world – our artists have known this secret for years.

The AES1500 and AES1500B are 6-string royalty, ranking among the most expensive and collectible of electric guitars. They are also uncommonly multi-faceted; the instruments that inspired our AES series were originally designed for discriminating jazz players, but they wound up fueling early rock and roll.

The single-cutaway AES1500 and AES1500B guitars are semi-hollow designs with tone and playability matched only by their classic looks. The finest cuts of maple and sycamore are used, and a choice of beautiful finishes emphasizes their stunning highlights. The DiMarzio Q-100 pickups can be split to produce humbucking warmth to P-90 bite. For a true rockability setup, the AES1500B combines the features of the standard AES1500 with a classic Bigsby tremolo

Reviewers have repeatedly singled out the AES1500 as an extraordinary archtop bargin. The combination of mellow sycamore top, bright-sounding maple back and sides and multi-dimensional DiMarzio® Q100 pickups captures the depth and complexity Yamaha associate with vintage models. At the same time, Yamaha's two-way tone controls let you split eigher or both pickups to get many bright, punchy tones the originals can't match.

Of course there's more. They go on and on..

But there's no need to try and post it all here. That's what everyone has google for. So go ahead.. google my guitar.

You know you want to.

Google it, Baby! Yeah!


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