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Thursday, July 26, 2007

a little something (more) redux a.k.a "music and lyrics"

Back before I left the old job, I posted these lyrics. Neat subject matter, given that I didn't really know I was leaving. (Other than the part where I thought that I heard God tell me that I was going to... but I think that's probably its own blog.)

A couple days ago, I went ahead and picked up a guitar to see if I could make a noise kind of like the one in my head. And it turns out I can. Make one. Kind of like it.

Also, it turns out that I can sort of work "GarageBand", which is a recording program that comes installed on the Mac. I'd been wanting to learn how, and I think I've got the basics figured out now.

The results of all these things can be found on my MySpace site, here.

It's a little more "adult contemp/top 40" than the version in my head, but it's just a writer demo, after all. Gets the point across. I think it sounds pretty good, considering that I haven't played the guitar for months (note the awesome fret buzzing in the first section), and that I recorded the entire thing in the living room, hunched over the laptop, into the internal microphone. (That's right. My sole input was the built-in mic on a laptop computer.) Guess I must have learned something in recording school, after all!

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