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Monday, March 09, 2009

The American Dream makes my tummy hurt

From the story of a dream coming true...

At Sunday's auction, he tried to keep the knots in his stomach in check.

It was a madhouse at the convention center, where speakers blasted bids throughout the room. Finally, after more than four hours, Guevares' dream house came up for bids.

An auctioneer barked out bids and tuxedoed assistants ran up and down the aisle. Guevares made the opening bid, but in a heartbeat, at least two other competitors jumped in.

The bids climbed. They went past $100,000, and eventually $200,000.

Guevares looked shell-shocked, but he ended up with the winning bid: $230,000.

Although he put down about $12,000 in cash, he's not the home's proud owner just yet. He might have to bring the house up to code before he can apply for a loan. He has 30 days to seal the deal, and the clock is ticking.

Still, he said he can "see the light at the end of the tunnel."

"It's just wonderful. I feel I'm a part of the American experience now," Guevares said.



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