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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Check that crazy hair...!

Russell Brand.

Culturally astute as I am known for being, I had no idea who this person was when I first saw him in a promo for yesterday's Letterman. (Promos for Letterman being, for those of you not in the know, where we cultural astutians pick up all the good stuff.)

And I was like, "Check that crazy hair--who IS this person!?"

So I just now did about 10 minutes of intensive research, and here's what I'll say:

Go to Wikipedia and look him up for yourself.

Baring that, go check out this video. I'd say it's a pretty good overview of the Brand that I've come to know (again, in the last 10 minutes). Plus, I found what he had to say about freedom and living to be really interesting. Taken, particularly, in the context of grace and the following of Jesus. My favorite was what he said about getting past the initial hedonistic implications of a life lived free of fear.

Which is totally worth doing.



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