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Monday, April 13, 2009

I wanted to write a note to everyone who came to Jay and I's show at The Phoenix on Saturday (and to anyone who was interested but didn't make it out).

The busyness of Easter Sunday and the fuzzyness of my brain have pushed it off until just now, but I think I'm finally coherent enough to say:


Thank you everybody who was there--not knowing whether or not Jay and I (or at least I) were going to suck it up, big time, or if they were going to get knifed by a biker, etc... Thanks to Deb, Christine, Stephanie, Kati, Jeremy, Byron, James, Josh (w/special thanks to Katie for staying w/ the kids so he could come), Kim, and Kim for coming out to show support, fill up the room a little, sing along and have a good time in general. If you're interested, Steph's husband, Josh (who was greatly missed), is gradually getting up clips of each song from the video that Steph took. It's video, so... it's video. But here's where to find it, and double-thanks to Josh and Steph for the documentation: http://www.youtube.com/user/bournefan

The Phoenix turns out to be not too bad a place, really. Provided you don't mind smelling a little smoky later on..but hey, that's why God gave us showers, right? Overall, I'd say the sound was decent, and we did a decent job. Not the highlight of either of our careers, probably, but pretty good for guys who have never played out together before! Tune in Tokyo was, as promised, FIERCE!! (special thanks to myself, for remembering hearing protection), and Steve Ewing (formerly of The Urge) was tre-men-dous. That guy has pipes down to his ankles, and puts on an energetic show--at midnight. To an almost empty house. So I highly recommend catching that show if you ever get another chance.

Speaking of which, we got a lot of great feedback, and the guy who booked the show wants to book us some more, and Steve Ewing told me that he'd like to play some more shows over here, and specifically with us. So maybe you'll get that chance sometime soon.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. Can't thank you enough. I'll let you know when the next party is. : ]




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