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Monday, April 03, 2006

Tuesdays With.. uh.. not-Morey

Wow! I haven't blogged since last Tuesday! Didn't realize it got away from me that bad.

Ok then, here's the update on the last week. Catch it as it goes by, 'cause it probably won't slow down much.

* I was painting most of the week. Even took a half-day Thursday to try and get myself an evening free. Dan and I finally finished what turned out to be the job from hell--ironically undertaken in an attempt to raise money for the mission trip to the Dominican Republic.

* Deb lost her wedding ring for about half a day. That was exciting.

* B-day party for our neighbor.

* Had steak lunch w/ the Hunts on Sunday. Stuff like that is what makes life worthwhile.

In other general news, I agreed to join Scott & Keith (& now Josh) for a show that they were asked to play on Saturday, June 3. It's a fundraiser for the Monticello Christian Academy. There'll be a lot of bands at this festival-like affair. ..So if we stink it up too bad, at least there will be something to erase us from everyone's memory. ; ]

At the moment, we're only doing a 3-song set. But we're pretty sure we can tack some more stuff onto it by then. That is, if we can ever get our rehearsal times scheduled. I put together a gang-calendar for us, where we can all fill in our availability. What has this proven to me, once again..? I have entirely too much stuff going on!

But, I am working on it. I even have a pocket calendar now. And it's filled out!

More on that later, in "I thought as a child" or "I'm wearing my big boy pants!"


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