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Monday, January 08, 2007

On the way home

Today on the way in to work, and on the way home, I was treated to amazing sunrise & sunsets. Just really beautiful purples and golds. It was like God's robes were hanging down. Just.. amazing.

On the way home, when I was listening to the local christian radio station (I know. It doesn't happen very often.) I was also treated to the following commercial:

Announcer 1: "The alarm goes off before six..."
Announcer 2: "...and you rarely get to sleep before eleven."
Announcer 1: "You haven't had a moment to yourself for weeks..."
Announcer 2: "...and yet, somehow, you keep going." {pause}
Announcer 2 again: {cheerily} "It's really something, isn't it!?"

The End

I am really not sure what to make of that. Seriously. I have no clue.

That aside... When I listen to christian radio, you can pretty much bet that I've got some serious spiritually-oriented goings on... uh.. going on. And today was such a day.

It was (and I'm sure something else will pop up between now and when I finally get to sleep--doubtless not before eleven) what I will call a "spiritually intense" day. Not bad (unless you happen to employ me to be in charge of your marketing department), but not great, either (unless you enjoy being punched in the heart by the Fist of God).

I blame Brant, and his constant encouragement to grow and learn and love and become more like Jesus and the other things of that nature... And Josh, for being there to help draw it out of me. And of course Jesus, who ,self-admittedly, can make some serious waves in the ol' pond.

It was a day full of pastoring and being pastored. Of staring into the the dark vacuum of my own soul, wrestling with God over what my next moves are, and coming to grips (not new) with my own inadequacies as a little-Christ. It was a day when I got to talk to myself, my friends, and my God about who we all are, and where we're all supposed to be headed. It was a day of inexplicable happenstance.

I am sure that God spoke through me--jumped out of my mouth when I wasn't expecting it--and also that he spoke to me. (Though I'm not at all sure yet what he meant, or what it will mean for me.)

Also, I forgot to wear my belt, and my pants kept falling down.

Yessir. It was a humdinger.

Just some of the things that happened to me today, on the way home.


At 5:19 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm not sure what that commercial/imaging-thing means either, other than, "We really know you, you...you wonderful person, you."

FWIW, I'm honored that you still have room in your life for anything concerning me, so far apart do we live. (When hurried, my sentence structure devolves into Yoda-speak, I think.) You help me, too.

Sorry if that sounds shlocky. Sometimes, the truth is shlocky.


At 10:37 AM, Blogger caparoon said...

Honestly, my impression was that they were somehow attributing my resilience to the sustaining power of God in my life. (with a possible secondary self-back-pat for their own contribution)

So, I guess that's fine.

Other than the part where I think the described lifestyle is ..or at least is standing directly in the shadow of.. pure evil.

But hey, sometimes you are enshadowed by pure evil. And being reminded of how amazing it is that you don't wither and die isn't a bad thing, right? (see.. this is why I didn't spend too much time concentrating on it)

"Sometimes, the truth is shlocky."


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