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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Ron V. Wade

In the inaugural voyage of Ron V. Wade, a new feature columnette
here on punchworthy, tech gurus "Ron" and "Wade" sort out the
big, controversial tech issues of our time.

"Abort System Defragmentation" -- Yes or No?

Ron: I hate that stupid "abort system defragmentation" thing! Do
I want to abort system defragmentation..? Of COURSE I do! Why
would I not want to!?

Wade: Why would you abort system defragmentation? That takes,
like.. 20 seconds..

Ron: I mean.. why are you even ASKING me?? I could've spent that
time getting online faster, to check my myspace page and stuff!
(Incidentally, have you noticed how annoying it is that everytime
you put the personal pronoun in front of "myspace" in print, that
you have to say "my, my..."?)

Wade: ..And it keeps your computer from getting all squirrelly
and like.. running slow and stuff. You really want a total system
crash just because you spent your 20 seconds choosing "no"
instead of letting the thing run? (And yes I have, but that's
another issue, for another columnette.)

Ron: Look! I just..! I don't need some sysadmin telling me what
to do with my computer, okay? Just.. quit hassling me. That's all
I'm sayin'.

Wade: ..Whatever, dude.

Ron: Whatever.


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