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Monday, March 06, 2006

can't wait!

I took the new guitar in to Corson's on Saturday. I can't hardly wait to go pick it up.

I'm having them tweak the one rattle-y bridge saddle, raise the action, switch the string guage from 11 to 10.5, install some strap locks, and, if possible, put a little more throw in the Bigsby.

Also, I ordered a full set of JJ's for the Delta, which should be here in a day or two!

And I've got a line on a used replacement speaker for the Delta, as well. They run about $90 new, and I should be able to get this gently-used one for a little more than half of that. Then I'm just one speaker away from being completely done with my amp mods, and a half-sheet of plywood away from having a 2x10" extension cabinet for it.

After that, I think I'm looking at a pedal or two to complete the set up, and then I will be completely and totally outfitted! I mean.. I'm totally outfitted now, but this will be a much better version of the same thing.

I like doing something good. Good is good. I'll let you know how it turns out.


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We're gonna be rockin' now, y'all!

: ]


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