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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Some say the best things come in small packages

For everyone else, there's...


Common object. Uncommonly BIG sizes! Orders placed now can still arrive by Christmas.

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Saturday, December 01, 2007

Feet per Second, Tom Petty and the Theory of Relativity

I'm so tired of being tired
sure as night will follow day
most things I worry about
never happen anyway

--Tom Petty "Crawling back to you"

We are not good at being settled in our discontent. Once we experience unpleasant emotions, feelings or circumstances, we immediately begin slinging possible antidotes at our symptoms, hoping desperately that one of them will fix the problem--and then sinking further into misery with our repeated failures at self-healing.

Let the fires burn around you. Will they get worse with time? Most likely. But in most cases, there is no ultimate danger of being consumed. Only of being uncomfortable. Don't panic. Don't act. Persevere. It is only in the waiting that we have time to reflect on ourselves and our situation. To gain perspective, insight, and then draw a bead on the one true culprit.

Ironically, once we have him in our sights, release rarely comes from a squeeze of the trigger. Any more than did our earlier, rapid-fire attempts. Usually, by the time we've aligned the crosshairs, our tormentor has waddled out of range.

Slowly out-pacing any bullet faster than time itself.

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