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Sunday, April 30, 2006

It's soo fast...! /(slash) I play music.

Have I mentioned that we have broadband internet now?

Cause we totally do.

And it's like, soo fast. Totally.


A widely know fact is, of course, that italics means a word is fast... It's as if the letters are bending--literary characters posing as the bending grass, curving earthward in the breeze of the passing verbiage.

: -| (Take that, guy who used to be on "Northern Exposure" as a dj, and then did some like, Ford commercials and then passed obscurely into the cold, clear night of forlorne and distantly-twinkling celebrity!)

In other news: I am playing music tonight. And not just in my basement with the door closed, like usual!

Tonight I get to play at the Windsor Road "Espresso Royale" coffee house, in Champaign. But don't get too* excited.. I'm not playing there because the owners of the coffee house heard me play and liked my stuff and heard I have a hot sister and is she involved with someone or can you maybe like, pass me her number? or something.. No, I am playing there because Greg rented the place out for three hours of "youth ministry volunteer appreciation night"**, and he wanted live music. I--being alive--qualified for the gig. Also, he asked everybody else, and they all said they were busy. I don't know doing what, specifically. I assume they needed to wash their hair or something.***

The cool thing is, before I agreed to it I needed to see if I could actually play enough material to pull something like this off. Turns out, I've got somewhere in the neighborhood of an hour and a half worth of tunes! I was shocked. I think it may be even more.. Also cool, I get to use cheat sheets, because it's not a "show"****--it's just me sitting around playing while people drink coffee.

Also on the expanding list of coolness, Deb is coming. We've got friends coming to stay with our kids, so we'll get to hang out with the Hunts (and unannounced others) for an evening of music and coffee-drinking and whatnot. I'm down with that! mhm.. tha's right..

On the negative side, I'm kinda nervous. Stupid, I realize. I mostly took the gig because ..well, because I want to help Greg out, 'cause I like him and stuff.. but other than that, I took it because I need to start taking opportunities to play when they arise. Even if that means risking possibly falling on my face. Sometimes you don't do good! Get over it! .. am I right here, people..? I thought so.

Also on the negative side, I've played so much heavy-stringed acoustic guitar in the last two days that I think I kinda hurt one of my fingers a little. But.. you know.. I've just got to play tonight and then I can heal up. No sweat.*****

* These italics do not indicate speed. "Too" cannot go fast. I was just trying to add emphasis. Get off my back.. legalist.

** Does this mean that we appreciate the volunteers or that we're volunteering to appreciate them? So.. confused.. just_play_guitar...

*** One of the benefits of being a musician is that it immediately lowers expectations in the area of personal hygiene. Don't feel like shaving..? No problem! No one will be shocked; they're just amazed you can dress yourself and walk around without weeping. ..too much.

**** Except for the offers of additional gigs that may come rolling in once we've cracked the lid on this bad-boy. It may end up that I have to cancel a string of dates on the eastern seaboard during my first tour in order to undergo what my publicist describes as "...a minor procedure to restore full function of the appendage, as well as a short break to recuperate from the procedure and the rigors of his demanding public appearance schedule."

Don't worry. All ticket-holders will receive a full refund.

Friday, April 28, 2006

Wake n' Bacon!

Because my blog has been so serious lately, here's something to lighten it up:

Wake n' Bacon!! The alarm clock of the future...

Page two is even better than page one.

First impression: "This is awesome!"

Second impression: "What's the max room temp time on raw bacon, anyway?"

Third impression: "I'd hate to be the guy who had to clean out the wooden pig head..."

Thursday, April 27, 2006

More on The Way

I've discovered the "Local Writings" section of http://www.whatischurch.com/
and I'm working my way through it.

An excerpt:

So what did life look like for these followers of what would later become called “The Way?” It seems that they spent a good deal of time listening to the apostles tell stories about Jesus and teaching on the kingdom. They shared their few possessions in order to express the great love they had for each other and the Master. They ate meals together, great boisterous feasts where the lowliest took the place of honor. They lingered in each other’s homes enjoying sweet intimacy generated by hearts full of God’s Spirit. They worshipped God in the temple and committed themselves to prayer. But most of all, they lived in constant awareness that Jesus was alive and among them in spirit and that he would return soon in the flesh to fully establish his kingdom on earth.

Back in the 21st century, we are embroiled in a discussion concerning church life and praxis in a postmodern world. Many of us are experimenting with different forms of church: old, new, borrowed, and blue. Others have jettisoned the church (at least in its institutional forms) entirely and are attempting to follow Jesus in his wide world. Personally I’m beginning to identify more with the latter group. I crave informal, candlelit dinners with other friends on the journey, sharing bread and wine, conversing, disagreeing, praying, crying, laughing. Kingdom encounters are sought in the ordinary: sharing a laugh with my son on the playground, helping a friend that can’t pay their light bill, praying for healing for a coworker who just found out they have cancer. I am looking to be transformed into the image of Jesus, to be deeply and authentically Christian, a “little Christ”.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

How should we then do...?

I'm having a lot.. A_LOT.. of conversations lately about how we Jesus-followers should "do church" and "do life".

I am having them, primarily, with the people who read this blog. So if I'm not having them with you, feel free to hit me up about it sometime.

One of the questions that is asked over and over, after two or three of us dreamers get together and spin a delightful web of postmodern communal utopia is, "OK, so that's great and all, but.. what does that look like? How do we give it legs?"

One question that I have asked, particularly, is about authority. Being a bunch of Jesus-loving slackers is great and all, but there is certainly a biblical precedent for authority in the church.

Of course, God is ultimately in charge, but do we need a person/people at the front of the pack who can say stuff, as the apostles always had to, like, "No. It is not okay to marry your goat, Ephraim. We're sorry, but it's just not."..?

In my mind, I think that maybe you need a chosen "lead" guy, chosen from among a core group of mature slacker-types (the eldership, if you will), so as to avoid power-mongering and whatnot. And hopefully, you end up with a person that the elders can champion, instead of having to battle.

I also think that a nice hefty detox period from the "organized church" is in order for any persons undertaking the formation of such a community. (thank you, Brant, for voicing it in this way) There are just so many assumptions. I think we need desperately to be able to wean ourselves off the institutional christianity that we've come to accept. And all the assumptions we've come to accept along with it. I've been reading a blog lately that talks about spritual detoxing, and Brant (again) has pointed me toward a few similar resources.

In these few examples, a current group model is the Alcoholics Anonymous structure. Says Brant, "[This] group tends to adapt the AA approach, saying we're all addicted to something, mainly ourselves, and that's where we start in reclaiming a Kingdom life. I do think the AA model of leadership might be more akin to this kind of life than the typical church understanding, even the hip/emergent/whatever understanding."

I'm passing the resources on to you now, so if you have been asking these same kinds of questions, please take advantage of them:




I can certainly see the value/potential of the AlAnon structure, at least as a jumping-off point. So my next question(s) is, "How does AlAnon work? ...How are facilitators chosen? How are groups formed? Who are they accountable to?"

Friday, April 21, 2006


No, it's not a new economy car. Suddenly strikes me that it sounds a little like it should be...

And hey, in these times of Hummer-like resource-guzzling SUV churches, maybe that's how we should look at it. The alt-fueled Christian community of tomorrow, here today! (For more details, contact your local dealer.)

I don't know how many readers here are aware/care, but Greg and Jill Hunt (Greg, currently youth pastor at my church. Jill, currently putting up with him.) are going to El Paso, Texas, to start a new church.

I wanted to share the mission statement and core values of their new church plant (which they are calling "Paseo"), because they resonate so deeply with me. I want this pretty badly. Hope it moves some of you in the same way it moves me.

"Thy Kingdom come..." I say.

Paseo Mission Statement

Paseo is a community of Christ-followers who live Jesus’ generous love, action, truth, and beauty, attracting others to join us in following Christ.

Paseo Core Values

Community. The first community to ever exist was the community of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. We long for this original connection with God, and one another. We long to be at home with each other. So community is us waking up to the reality that God is alive and well in the world. We, in community, link up with where He is and what He is doing. Together, we sojourn through and with the passage of Jesus and His way. Race, gender, age, and socioeconomic station fade as we sacrifice ourselves to and for one another. Giving and receiving, sharing and learning – we all eat at the same table and all wrestle collectively with the Kingdom of God.

Engage. We are real people; honest about our real lives engaging the world and not hiding from it. Jesus invites us, with our frailty and brokenness, to follow Him in His world-connected Kingdom. When we follow Him, being who he created us to be, we are to engage the world around us; befriending others, walking with them, and inviting them to join Jesus' passage way. This means that every human issue and every human life has value and dignity. Being aware that we tend to cluster with similar people, we, through Jesus, strive to meet people and generously, actively, and intelligently meet their needs. More than that, we are intentional and influential with the Hope of Jesus' Way.

Everyday Sacredness. God cannot be reduced to clichés or formulas. The reality of God’s wonder and mystery is profound. His ways are beyond ours. This reality causes us to daily live in tension between fear and relief. So, daily we struggle. In this struggle, we have opportunity to be drawn into God’s encompassing, incomprehensible, reckless love. Knowing this, we long to have a daily life permeated with respect and love for God. We want to live as part of the world we were placed without erecting barriers of “learned” or “churchy” behavior. We believe that living simply, with humility and wisdom, can be practiced daily. A “Sunday service” becomes part of our lives and not the spiritual artery. Daily we strive to practice our respect and love for God through worship, prayer, fasting, bible reading and study, servant-hood, generosity, forgiveness, loving people, loving our enemies and loving the poor. Although not exclusive or most important, we wrestle in these ways so we daily learn to trust and draw closer to God.

Meaning and Truth. Meaning and truth are what we seek. We seek these because at our core, God instilled a longing for purpose and identity in Him. For that reason, God has spoken to us and His words are truth. This longing for meaning and truth find satisfaction in the person of Jesus revealed in the Bible, through the Holy Spirit. This truth God extends to us is truth that changes us. Truth, then, is a person to be encountered, known, experienced, and loved. As we grow to understand Truth from the Bible through the Holy Spirit, our eyes are opened to the ultimate meaning of life. This fullness is available here and now, and not just after we die. Meaning and truth are available and livable now.

Worship and Beauty. God is the original creative innovator. God longs to be the central object of our affection. Because of this, God shared His creativeness with His creation. He has entrusted the created to use this outpouring of creativity to its fullest expression. In all we do, we strive to reflect God’s creative innovation. Through the arts, we communicate our love and affection for Him, as well as the truth of His Kingdom. Music, painting, sculpting, writing, poetry, etc are expressions of our love and affection for the Creator. As God has shared His wonder, we desire to return it through worship and beauty.

Entrust. Our story began thousands of years ago. We have been entrusted with next chapter of the story by those who preceded us. Because we have been entrusted with the next chapter, we strive to operate in team. We desire, with Christ, the Kingdom of God to increase. So, we desire to build a committed team of Christ-followers who realize they journey together as part of something bigger than themselves; entrusting one another with leadership, tasks, hope, life, and the “chapter” to follow. We desire people, Christ communities, and the Church to entrust the “next chapter” here and now; reproducing themselves. We desire to see the story that began thousands of years ago to continue while we are living.


Converstations with the Atheist...


At 7:26 AM, Dave Lartigue said...

In case anyone is curious, the answers are now up:


At 9:01 AM, caparoon said...

No one is curious. Everyone stinks.

(whoops! was that out loud..?)

Thanks, man. I will pop this to the top.

Friday, April 14, 2006

I = Clever

I have always thought I'm kind of clever. But I've never really been able to prove it.

Sure there are signs, such as the way that I forgot to put my name on my IQ test that they made us all spend a an afternoon taking, back in jr. high (sign of a high IQ, ironically).. and the fact... that.. I use an elipse... about every 3 words.. or so, while writing. Indicating a constant thought process (or, as my writing teacher would've suggested, a poor grasp of basic grammar rules). Or even that I've had a few people tell me, "You're clever". But I've usually discounted those, assuming they're just saying that because they think I'm sexy.

But now, by way of scientific testing, I have proven my cleverness once and for all. I... am clever.

There are roughly 300 people in my company. We occupy three (3) floors of an office building.

Assuming (fairly, I think) that we are divided equally into 100 persons per floor, and that 50% of us are male, that means that I share a restroom with about 50 other men.

And these are not your average, run-of-the-mill, rock-banging monkey men, either! Oh no! These fellas are the pick of the litter. Genuine, bonified, sandle-and-sock wearing rocket scientists. Some of these men are recognized internationally as the leading minds in math and science.. I mean.. these dudes have it going on...

But I, out of all of these, am the only one who can figure out how to flush a toilet.

I have repeatedly tested my hypothesis (that I am the only one out of 50 rocket scientists who can figure out how to flush a toilet) by going to the bathroom, over and over, for more than SIX YEARS... and finding that the person who had visited said facility immediately prior had not been able to master the flusher-lever-thingy. Further, it soon became apparent that many of these giants-in-geeks-sandals (or not), were not even really grasping what the toilet was for--necessitating, nastily, at one point, the introduction of "slip proof" floor mats in the urinal area.

Granted, these toilets in particular are a little tricky. ...you've got to hold the flusher-lever-thingy down... and I know that's throwing a curve-ball at everyone, which is unfair, given that they're in there, minds full of the mocking-genius commentary that they're going to post about the new idiot article in "Popular Science" ...which they are reading... and will return to the library when they've all through takin' care of their biznid... on their weblog...

So maybe I've got an advantage. I don't know.

But I still think it adds up to this:
"I" = "Clever".

Science doesn't lie.

About Myface--on Myspace

Since petty topics like "growing up and taking responsibility for your life", and "what atheists really think" seem to be going over like a lead balloon... while "underpants" and "anarchy" seem to be doing quite well... here's a fun thing about my face--onMyspace.

Yes, I have a Myspace page, but it's not because I like Myspace. I hate myspace. Yet.. I am strangely drawn to it.. My two favorite descriptions of it thus far are:

"I guess it's like highschool.. it's not so much that I hate the space, it's the people I can't stand."

"It's sort of like being stuck in a never-ending episode of 'elimiDATE'..."

Anyway, I only have a Myspace page because I had to register for one if I wanted to subscribe to Mark's blog. THANKS A LOT, MARK! I am not giving out my Myspace (isn't that also annoying? That I have to say "my-Myspace"... with the extra "my".. like I'm one of those stupid birds on "Finding Nemo"..?)... URL here, to you, because there's nothing there that you want to see. There's nothing there, in general. "Beam us up, Scotty..."

And I only have a profile photo because, of all the lame-o poser losers on Myspace, I was the lamest, having no loser poser photo with which to graphically represent myself.

But then my friend, Dave, hooked me up (not in an "elimiDATE" way..) with this beauty:

Eat your heart out, lame loser Myspace elimiDATE-ing posers! I'm THA MAN! Woo-hoo!

It was only after we created this that I came across Jay Barnes post on the realities of online avatars, which.. if I read it correctly.. does not speak well of me.

Oh well.. thanks for taters!

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Just in time for Good Friday...

...we bring you, "Ask [This] Atheist"! With your host, Dave Lartigue!

Now, before anyone gets bent out of shape, I am not making light of atheism. Nor is Dave making light of theism.

If you'll go to his page, linked above, you'll see that all he's trying to do is say, "Hey! Just because you've been told that this is what 'THEY' atheists think about everything, that doesn't necessarily make it so. Try asking one." And he is graciously offering himself up as a guinea-atheist.

This is no different than me asking Dave, or any other atheist or non-christian, to kindly check their preconceptions at the door when we start discussion what "you christians" believe.

Understanding the beliefs of the individual is paramount. As much as some college profs, preachers, political leaders, etc.. would like us to think that "THEY" think thus-and-such... thereby easily dividing us into waring factions instead of fellow creatures... that's just not how it works. There is no "they"--there is only us.

If, not knowing Dave, you feel more comfortable discussing any of the things on his blog on my blog, instead, let's go for it. I would happily have this blogspace be commandeered for use as a link between the ether- and netherworlds.

(I'm sure that'll earn me some lovely google hits...)

"Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a battle."

Stuff. Together.

Once the anarchists get their hands on this, we've all had it.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

kind of related, but not

For those of you who liked the last post (I pray that there were some), here's a link to a kind of related thingy.. except that it's kind of funny, and about anarchists, and how using a daytimer or pocket-calendar type device can help them to overthrow the system in a more constructive, efficient manner: http://www.nomediakings.org/vidz/time_management_for_anarchists_the_movie.html

Excellent, t-shirt-worthy, anarchist quotes include, "Flaking out is not progressive!"
and "I'm an anarchist. And I have trouble with time management."

I have not viewed the film, so I sincerely hope it is not any more offensive than some of the commentary is bound to be.

And, for those of you who didn't like the last post at all, and who just want to read funny things about underpants... here is a link to a really funny thing about underpants:

We serve all kinds...

Monday, April 10, 2006

"I thought as a child" or "I'm wearing my big boy pants!"

Where were we when I last addressed this topic..? Ah, yes! I was filling out my pocket calendar.

I remember it well.. like it was.. however many days ago that was. It's got a date-stamp on it, so if it's that important to you, you can do the legwork. Daddy's busy now.

I want to talk a little bit about "doing" music.

I've talked about this some (okay, incessantly) in previous posts, but finally, finally, I think I've got something to say about it that is A.) kind of like "progress", and B.) possibly applicable to some other topic than music, and some other circumstance than mine.

I've been thinking about how I view & pursue--how we musicians.. rock and roll peoples, specifically.. view & pursue music. How we think that it is supposed to be. How this animal, this thing that drives us to feed it, is supposed to be fed.

Among the ranks of aging rockers, particularly aging rockers with families, straight jobs, lawns that need mowing, etc..., there is a common hue and cry, and it goes kinda like this:

No one understands us! No one supports us in our art! No one knows what it's like to be us, and all of you... all of the suits... all of life... did this to us! BOOHoo-hoo-hoo-hoo! WOE is US!

And we pursue music with this in our minds... this... : That it Should Be... Like it Was!

And that, my friends, I think is a Big Lie.

Where else, in our lives, do our current pursuits get to be the same as they were--when we were 16? ...or 18? ...or 21? Where else can we take the views, priorities, and habits of our fledgling adult lives, and apply them--successfully--to our current circumstances?

Can we do it in our jobs? ...When is the last time you felt safe and comfortable treating your 9-5 with the same disdain that you treated that summer at the Tasty Freeze?

Can we do it in our marriages? With our kids? ...ever tried treating your spouse like your mom or your kids like your peers? I think we all know how that works out.

If unmarried, can we do it in our romantic pursuits? If 16yr olds were sexy to us once...

Yeah, I know, "that's sick!" Well yes, actually, that is my point. And it's no more "sick" to chase high schoolers than it is to treat your relationship with your kids casually... or to treat your job like it's just The Man keepin' you down... or to treat your wife like she ought to be picking up your socks and making sure you remember your Social Studies textbook! That's all sick.

And I find my answer, strangely enough, in "the Love chapter"--1 Corinthians 13. Sandwiched right there between, "...when perfection comes, the imperfect disappears" and "...then I shall know fully, even as I am fully known." How appropriate is that, for a concept that so deeply impacts our lives and relationships..?

1 Corinthians 13:11 -- When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I put childish ways behind me.

So here's what I'm thinking... It's no one else's responsibility.

It's not my wife's responsibility--to pick it up behind me, like mom gettin' the socks. And it's not my kids' responsibility--to get out of my hair and let me do my thing. It's not my employer's responsibility--to stop distracting me and stressing me out with all their petty concerns. It's not "The World's" or "Life's" or "God's" responsibility to set me free... to get out of the way... the Planets' or the Stars' responsibility to align, suddenly making everything oh-so-clear... It's not anybody's responsibility but mine.

"Grow up!" he says, "For Love's sake--grow up!"

And so that's why I've got a pocket calendar. That's why I've made a list of all the possible rehearsal dates for the band between now and our June 3 gig. That's why I'm finding out what my wife has going on, and, when my scheduled animal-feedings conflict, I'm making it my business to get it fixed. That's why I'm crying and coming clean on the blog, and looking like a boob in front of Kati and Greg and my wife and friends--saying I'm a loser, exposing my lameness (you know what I mean), asking for help... and generally acting like a criminal who is suddenly convicted of the wrongness of his past acts. Because it's not anybody's responsibility but mine.

And it's not even anyone's responsibility to be excited for me, or to come alongside me in this pursuit of mine (though I certainly welcome both). Do I love being part of a team? Do I love the enthusiastic support of friends, family, fellow musicians, co-workers... throngs of adoring, nay, sicophantic fans... who hang on my every word and action, assuring me that I am, in fact, the coolest thing this side of the 50lbs of frozen beef I'm keeping in my basement..? Oh yeah! Heck yeah! I want all that, too! ..but it's not anyone's responsibility. And if no one does it, it doesn't let me off the hook.

If I am operating under the conviction that God wires us a certain way, and that if we are faithful to that wiring, we can do great and wonderful things--Kingdom things--in our lives, with our lives, for Him... if I truly believe that, but I don't do it... because of any of the aforementioned issues... then I am guilty of denying my purpose and my master. And there won't be anyone to blame for that when it's all over.

It's not all about music, either. Not even for me. I am trying to internalize this and apply it, and I think that it will help me with other areas where I fall down. And I hope that it helps some of you, too. Maybe with relationships or maybe with pursuits, or maybe in areas of weakness. I think there's nothing so powerful in all the world as a good dose of fresh perspective, so maybe this'll be a cool drink of water to someone else, like it is to me.

Don't get me wrong, now.. this isn't about pulling up bootstraps, or shouldering the load, or keeping a stiff upper lip or whatever. This isn't about being strong... this is about being broken enough to realize that I'm not strong enough to carry a prideful load. I'm too nearsighted to go without corrective wear. It's embarrassing to admit, but I've been thinking as a child for a long, long time. All I'm sayin' is, I think it's about time I started wearing my big boy pants.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Inverse Retrospection

Hey. I just had to write out all the lyrics to a couple of my songs--"Mighty Csey" and "Ten Years (aka "no legs")"--for the band guys.. and those are some darn fine lyrics!

If I do say so myself! Which I do, 'cause let's face it, no one else was going to.

Also, whoever mixed my version of "Casey" had his pants on straight! Nice job, un-named mixing person... COUGHmeCOUGH-COUGH!!

I'm kind of retrospectively impressed with myself.

Which is just surprising, as that usually goes exactly the other way.

..anyway, I'm sharing. Maybe if I get enough encouragement, I'll share more in the future.

Maybe you won't be able to stop me, even if I don't.

Ten Years (aka: "no legs")
I spent the first 10 years learnin' to prove you were not a crutch
Spent the next 10 years learnin' I had no legs
It took a while, but it turned out that I don't know as much as I thought I did
Try to do the best, livin' the plans you've made.

Hold me up/it's not enough
to know you're standin' there beside me
I'm needin' more than I afford
I need you livin' here inside me

I spent the first 10 years learnin' to try not to screw it up
I spent the next 10 years learnin' it's way too late
and if I make through all the whinin' and cryin' I'm sure enough about what you did
there'll be nothin' left for you to come and...

nothin' left for you to come and..
nothin' left for you to come and..
nothin' left for you to come and..
nothin' left for you to come and..
nothin' left for you to come and save!

Hold me up/it's not enough
to know you're standin' there beside me
I'm needin' more than I afford
I need you livin' here inside me

Mighty Casey

You think you've got it figured
fall prey to the myth of certainty
i pray that life will throw you only curve-balls
strike one, strike two, strike three

And it's Mighty Casey at the bat
Mighty Casey at the bat
Mighty Casey at the bat
he's makin' quite a breeze
And it's Mighty Casey at the bat
Mighty Casey at the bat
and it's strike one, strike two, strike three

you think you've got the answers
pinned down with all the truth you'll ever need
i pray that you'll be left with holdin' nothing
holdin' nothin' except fallin' to your knees

And it's Mighty Casey at the bat
Mighty Casey at the bat
Mighty Casey at the bat
he's makin' quite a breeze
And it's Mighty Casey at the bat
Mighty Casey at the bat
and it's strike one, strike two...

and there is no joy in Mudville / and it's not because they lost
no there is no joy in Mudville / 'cause they didn't count the cost of livin'
out the false presumtions / of their unexamined lives
and now the ghosts of all those certainties are wellin' in their eyes!

And it's Mighty Casey at the bat
Mighty Casey at the bat
Mighty Casey at the bat
he's makin' quite a breeze
And it's Mighty Casey at the bat
Mighty Casey at the bat
and it's strike one, strike two, strike three...
strike one, strike two, strike three...
strike one, strike two, strike three...

Monday, April 03, 2006

Tuesdays With.. uh.. not-Morey

Wow! I haven't blogged since last Tuesday! Didn't realize it got away from me that bad.

Ok then, here's the update on the last week. Catch it as it goes by, 'cause it probably won't slow down much.

* I was painting most of the week. Even took a half-day Thursday to try and get myself an evening free. Dan and I finally finished what turned out to be the job from hell--ironically undertaken in an attempt to raise money for the mission trip to the Dominican Republic.

* Deb lost her wedding ring for about half a day. That was exciting.

* B-day party for our neighbor.

* Had steak lunch w/ the Hunts on Sunday. Stuff like that is what makes life worthwhile.

In other general news, I agreed to join Scott & Keith (& now Josh) for a show that they were asked to play on Saturday, June 3. It's a fundraiser for the Monticello Christian Academy. There'll be a lot of bands at this festival-like affair. ..So if we stink it up too bad, at least there will be something to erase us from everyone's memory. ; ]

At the moment, we're only doing a 3-song set. But we're pretty sure we can tack some more stuff onto it by then. That is, if we can ever get our rehearsal times scheduled. I put together a gang-calendar for us, where we can all fill in our availability. What has this proven to me, once again..? I have entirely too much stuff going on!

But, I am working on it. I even have a pocket calendar now. And it's filled out!

More on that later, in "I thought as a child" or "I'm wearing my big boy pants!"